Free range eggs from a vending machine

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Our Self Service

Egg Shop

Monday -


8:30am  - 8pm

Closed Sunday

Eggs from hens

free to roam

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Pay by card or cash

How to get your eggs!
1. Choose your eggs
2. Press green triangle to select card payments
3. Select locker number with the keypad
4. Insert cash or present your card
5. The locker will buzz & unlock
6. Open locker to collect your eggs & change

*We don’t accept £20 notes - sorry*

Cavick Farm

Free Range Eggs


1/2 dozen £1

tray of 30 £4

Mixed Size
tray of 30 £5


1/2 dozen £1.60

tray of 30 £6.50



1/2 dozen £2

Charity Eggs & Hat

1/2 dozen £2

£1 goes to Brain Tumour Research

* Best Before *

Consume our eggs up to 28 days from the day of purchase

Store eggs in a cool, dry spot
out of direct sunlight - Enjoy

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Delicious eggs produced by our hens that are free to roam

Our hens are free to roam all year round within 25 acres of wildflowers meadows & specially planted native woodland.

They lay a lovely brown egg with a delicious rich orange yolk.
Once you've tried them you will be hooked!

Please return our egg boxes to for reuse